We are two passionate photographers dedicated to creating timeless pieces inspired by your story. We invite you to explore life fearlessly, to laugh until your belly hurts and to cry your heart out. Life is an adventure!

Laura Elizabeth Mora


A bit about me:
• I practice yoga!
• I love my dogs!
• I love cinema!
• I Plant my own veggies!

One of my favorite memories growing up is sitting down with my parents looking at old photo albums, learning about my family history. It was not until I got serious about where I was headed that I decided to turn my hobby into a life changing experience behind the lens. I truly enjoy the art of story telling and the mediums available to do so. I love endulging in life, from music to running and even a little yoga. I look forward to meeting new faces and hearing the stories they have to tell.

Roland + Laura - Peru 2014


A bit about me:
• I love road cycling!
• I love coffee!
• I shoot in film!
• I enjoy custom woodwork!

Rolando E. Mora is a photographer with a passion for breathing life into every shot. This South East LA native has been shooting photography since he received his first camera in junior high and he hasn’t looked back since. Although he can’t help geeking out at the latest camera gear, he still maintains a deep love for shooting in film and enjoys exploring the ins and outs off every photographic technique he can learn about. His current go-to camera of choice is the Canon 5d Mk III, utilizing various L series lenses.

As a self-taught photographer with a life-long love of learning, Rolando started a new business in 2010 with his wife and has since made a wonderful career shooting weddings, lifestyle, environmental and candid photography from a distinct journalistic approach.

Rolando places as much value on finding common bonds and building long-term relationships as much as he does into all of his photography. When he’s not spending time with clients or on a shoot, Rolando loves riding his road bike, spending time with his dogs Calypso and Guinness, or brainstorming future projects with his wife. He also loves encountering the different music, language and cultures of other countries, having explored France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Peru and Mexico with plenty of photography to document each trip.

We both love to travel!


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